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= Change the password for your Solaris (Unix) account =

 . Please read this page carefully as this only pertains to users with a Solaris account and not the standard Linux accounts that we now provide. The password change form below will only affect your Solaris login password for the managed Solaris machines on our network.<<BR>><<BR>>

 . In order to change your password on the managed Linux machines you will need to log into public.pmc.ucsc.edu and type the command "passwd". You will be prompted for your old or temporary password once and for your new password twice. Note that if you have accounts on any of the high performance clusters (mip, eke, turbulence, etc.) you will need to change passwords on those machines independent of the Solaris and Linux managed networks.<<BR>><<BR>>

 . This page will NOT change your password for your @ucsc.edu (cruzmail) account, only PMC Solaris accounts can be modified here. Also, if you forgot your password, using this form will not reset your password. If you have forgotten your current password, please [[PMCHome|contact us]] requesting a password reset.<<BR>><<BR>>

 . Critera for valid passwords are as follows:

   1. The new password must be at least 7 characters long.
   2. The new password must contain at least 2 alphabetic -and- 1 numerical or special character within the first 7 characters.
   3. Your new password must differ by at least 3 characters from your old password.
   4. Passwords are case sensitive.<<BR>><<BR>>

 . NOTE: Your password should not be based on a dictionary word.<<BR>><<BR>>

'''Only click the "Change Password" button once. It may take a few seconds to process your request.'''