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= MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin Access =

A general purpose MySQL database server is available. Provided your storage requirements are modest you can get a database and database account created on this server.

[[https://phpmyadmin.pmc.ucsc.edu|phpMyAdmin (https://phpmyadmin.pmc.ucsc.edu)]] is available for web based access to your database. Access requires two levels of authentication:

 1. A basic auth pop up will require a special user name and password to get initial access to the phpMyAdmin server.
 1. Once you have access to the phpMyAdmin sever, you will then need to authenticate with your MySQL user name and password to access your database

 1. When you request your MySQL account you will be provided with both sets of authentication information.

The first time you access the phpMyAdmin server you will need to confirm the security exception and accept the ssl certificate for the site. The certificate is a site generated one and does not have a host name that matches the phpMyAdmin site.

[[PMCHome|Contact us]] to request a database, a database account, and the phpMyAdmin authentication information.