Mounting the Poster Printer Samba Shared Disk on MacOS 10

  1. These instructions show how to mount the samba share containing the MacOSX poster printer drivers and the printer accounting software client needed to print to the poster printer.

  2. The instructions were written for Mac OS 10.6 but should be similar for earlier versions of Mac OS 10.x.

  3. Your computer must be attached to the 128.114.68, 128.114.69, or 128.114.25 campus network subnets.

  4. From the finder in the top menu bar select "Connect to Server" under the "Go" menu.

  5. In the "Server Address:" field of the "Connect to Server" dialog type: "smb://".

  6. Click the "+" button to the right of the "Server Address:" field if you wish to add it to your favorites.

  7. Click the "Connect" button.

  8. If the login box is presented select "Guest" and click the "Connect" button.

  9. The posterprinter disk should mount on your desktop.