Install the Poster Printer

  1. Mount the poster printer samba share disk.

  2. Install the drivers:
    1. Open the "posterprinter" disk mounted above.
    2. Open the "mac" folder in the "posterprinter" disk.
    3. Open the "drivers" folder in the "mac" folder.
    4. Double click on the .dmg file that corresponds to your version of the MacOS.
      1. 10.4.dmg for MacOS 10.4
      2. 10.5.dmg for MacOS 10.5
      3. 10.6.dmg for MacOS 10.6
      4. 10.7.dmg or MacOS 10.7 and above
    5. For MacOS 10.5 and below double click on the "Mac OS X HP Designjet Install" in the window that pops up and install the software.
    6. For MacOS 10.6 double click on the HewlettPackardPrinterDrivers.pkg in the window that pops up and install the software.

    7. For MacOS 10.7 and above double click on the Mac OS X HP Designjet Installer in the window that pops up and install the software.

  3. Create a printer instance for "epsposter":
    1. Open System Preferences in your Applications folder on the mac harddisk.
    2. Click on "Print & Fax"

    3. An "Add Printer" dialog box will pop up.
    4. Under the "Printers" list click on the "+" button
    5. In the top tab of the "Add" box click on "IP"
    6. In the "Protocol" menu tab select "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP"
    7. In the "Address:" field type: ""
    8. In the "Queue:" field type: "printers/epsposter?compression=none"
    9. In the "Name:" field type: "epsposter"
    10. In the "Print Using" menu tab select: "Select Printer Software..."
    11. A "Printer Software" dialog box will pop up allowing you to choose the print driver.
    12. In seach box type: "HP Designjet T610"
    13. This should narrow the choices to one of two print drivers, one each for the 24 in and 44 in versions
    14. Select the driver for "HP Designjet T610 44in - PCL3 raster"
    15. Click "OK"
    16. Finally click the "Add" button in the "Add Printer" dialog box.
    17. A printer titled "epsposter" should now appear in the "Print & Fax" system preferences.

    18. Close system preferences.