Install the Poster Printer on Windows 10

  1. Mount the poster printer samba share disk.

  2. We will now create a printer instance for "epsposter"
  3. Select "Settings" from the "Windows Menu" (window icon in bottom left-hand corner).
  4. Select "Devices" from the "SETTINGS" window.
  5. Select "Add a printer or scanner".
  6. Select "The printer that I want isn't listed".
  7. Select the "Select a shared printer by name" radio button.
  8. In the text field beneath the radio button enter: "" and click "Next".

  9. A dialog box "Windows Printer Installation" will popup.
  10. Wait a moment and a second dialog box "Add Printer Wizard" will popup.
  11. Click on "HP" under the "Manufacturer" list.
  12. Click on "HP Designjet T1100 44in Class Driver" in the "Printers" list.
  13. Click "Ok".
  14. The "Windows Printer Installation" window should now say: "You've successfully added epsposter on".

  15. Click "Next".
  16. Click "Finish".