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= Software License Vendors =

 . If you are in the departments of Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences or the Institute for Marine Sciences you may purchase software licenses for certain types of software cheaply and easily using University discounts. There are several vendors that offer reduced prices, each takes payment in different ways. Of the vendors that offer reduced prices to Universities, we recommend using one of these three sources:

== SHI ==

 . SHI is a seller of computer software for Universities and schools K-12. They offer the most competitive rates available for software packages like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and many other software packages offered by several major software companies. You purchase the license and the media (CD/DVD) for the software separately. Often it is best to [[PMCHome|contact us]] asking if we already have the media for the software you are looking for; if we do, then all you have to do is order the license for the software you are looking for, let us know, and one of our staff can come by with the media and install it for you. Of course some people like to have their own copy of the media, in which case you can purchase the Disc itself as well and the media, in which case the software will be mailed to you along with the software license. It should be noted that manuals are not included in the price of the software; SHI does not offer manuals. To see what software is available through SHI, go to their website:<<BR>><<BR>>


== Bay Tree Bookstore ==

 . The Bay Tree Bookstore offers many of the same software packages as TRC (plus a few more), although the prices are a bit higher (although still significantly cheaper than buying them off the shelf from a non-university source like Fry's, CompUSA, Best Buy, etc). There is also the advantage of actually buying the software in boxed form, complete with manuals, CDs, software registration forms, etc. Unlike TRC, the bookstore will accept any form of payment (such as cash, personal credit card, etc). The Bay Tree Bookstore computer department can be contacted by phone at: (831) 459-2082.

== CDWG ==

 . You can go to [[http://www.cdwg.com]] for a wide range of software and hardware offered at slightly reduced prices for University faculty, staff and students. CDWG has probably the widest selection of software of the three sources mentioned here, as well as other gadgets and hardware to choose from like flashdrives, hard drives and miscellaneous peripherals such as CDRs and other computer parts. You may have to create an account before placing an order with CDWG, and their store is mail order only. Many items offered by CDWG that are also offered at the bookstore are often slightly cheaper at CDWG.