Macintosh SSH Help

  • Macintosh computers with OSX (OS 10.1.x and above) come with SSH built in.

  • You must first launch your terminal program. Double click on your hard drive icon on your desktop, then navigate to the "Applications" folder, then to your "Utilities" folder. Double click on the "Terminal" program to launch the terminal. Then simply type:

  • NOTE: If you try to connect and receive a prompt: "(TERM type: unknown):"

  • then your terminal type is not being recognized by the remote computer. To fix this, click on the word "Terminal" in the top left of your screen (while the terminal program is open) and select "Preferences". In the section that says:

    • Declare terminal type ($TERM) as:

  • Select "vt100" from the drop down menu, then click the little red button in the top left of the window to close the preferences window. Then try re-connecting, and things should behave normally this time.