Supported Linux Shells

  1. Users are welcome to run any of the standard command line shells, and we understand that some users prefer different shells.
  2. However, it would be impossible for our support group to:
    1. Know all the available shells
    2. Know or understand all impacts (sometimes subtle) that selection of other shells may have on the system or on the operation of a specific software system
    3. Therefore, selection of a shell besides our supported default shell strongly impacts the level of support you can expect to receive
  3. /bin/tcsh is the shell for which we provide support
  4. To change your shell you must request that it be changed, users can not change their own shell
  5. If you are using a shell other than tcsh the following support restrictions apply:
    1. When making any support request you must note that you are not running tcsh and state which shell you are running
    2. If you experience a problem, in order to receive support you must demonstrate the problem occurs with tcsh and possible with tcsh as your default shell (depends on the issue):
      1. This means we may switch your user environment to tcsh and have you test that the problem occurs with /bin/tcsh as your default user shell before you receive support
      2. Any support or solution you receive maybe restricted to a solution that runs only in tcsh
      3. If the problem is not reproducible under tcsh you will have to provide your own support for the issue
    3. we provide a software setup system based around tcsh for quickly configuring software from our global software library
      1. this system allows you to include and configure any software from the library by issuing the command:
        • addpackage <software_name>

      2. this system is generally sufficient for most users to completely configure each global software to run under their environment
      3. this system will not work if your shell is not tcsh
      4. in shells other than tcsh you will be responsible for your own software configuration (path variable and other environment variable setup as required)