VNC Server Sessions

Starting a VNC Server Session

  1. Login to the linux machine you want to start a VNC session on
    1. You can do this remotely by using ssh to connect to the linux machine
  2. To start a VNC session type the following command on your linux machine:
    • vncserver -geometry widthxheight
       for example: vncserver -geometry 800x600
  3. You can omit the geometry argument if you just want the default, or specify any size you would like.
  4. Make a note of the display number returned by vncserver. This will be a string like: ":1", ":2", ":3", etc.

  5. You can now connect the display with your PC VNC client software
  6. You can leave a VNC server session running even when not connected with your VNC client. If you need to leave a VNC server running just quit your client. You can later return to the same running session by telling the client to connect to the same display number that you left running.

Killing a VNC Server Session

  1. When you are completely finished with a VNC server session you should end it.
  2. To end a VNC server session
    1. login to the linux machine on which the session is running
    2. run the command:
      • vncserver -kill <display>
         where <display> is the display number VNC provided
         for example: vncserver -kill :1