How VNC Works

  1. VNC provides you a full desktop on remote linux machine that you can use at your local personal computer
  2. VNC consists of 2 parts
    1. A VNC Server Session that runs on the remote linux machine
    2. A VNC Client running on your personal computer that connects to the VNC Server Session
  3. Using VNC requires 4 steps:
    1. You login to the remote linux machine (with ssh for example)
    2. You start a VNC Session on the remote linux machine
    3. From your personal computer you start a VNC client
    4. From the VNC client you connect to the remote VNC session
  4. You'll need to get a VNC client that is ssh capable for your personal computer. Some of these clients cost money and you are responsible for any licensing of those clients.
    1. Macintosh: JollysFastVNC (free trail, but costs)

    2. For windows we recommend you use NX instead of VNC. contact us for help with NX.